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bayantel logoAfter almost nine years of putting up with dial-up connections, we’ve finally jumped ship and availed ourselves of BayanTel DSL’s 768 kbps plan. The DSL modem was installed just last Thursday, and now I’m happily torrenting away some good stuff (don’t ask me what).

While the my net speed is satisfactory (considering the humongous jump from dial-up to DSL), it’s not reaching its supposed speed ceiling according to a couple of online speed tests — what I’m experiencing right now is more like the speed of a 384 KBPS connection, only slightly faster. I’ll be bringing this up with customer service later, especially since BayanTel earlier mixed up another one of our orders/requests.

We had requested for a handset to be installed, but somehow the customer order got lost in the paperwork, and we ended up with only a phone line (it’s not much of problem, anyway). Now, I don’t know if our 768 plan was also accidentally ‘downgraded’. At least we get to pay less if that’s the case, hehe. Anyway, read the SkyDSL Omnibus for more info on the packages. I’m now using their Speed-on-Demand (SOD) feature, which doubles your net speed from 10PM to 10AM.

pacific internet logoNow, during our nine years doing the slow dance with dial-up net, we stuck it with Pacific Internet. Unlike other dial-up connections, PacNet was (usually) reliable, suffered less to nil downtime, and came up with fewer “line is busy” moments. Not to mention their excellent customer service — prompt, polite, and helpful agents.

However, recently their dial-up pool seems to have gotten clogged; net connection performance had noticeably declined in the past two months or so. That, along with BayanTel having a cheaper DSL connection, made us make the change. Still, kudos to Pacific Internet’s customer service agents for having cool heads even when the going got rough (on the client — my — side).

Earlier I mentioned torrenting; I’m currently using uTorrent, per the suggestion of Ia. It might not have the full functionalities of other torrent clients out there, but I like its small size and relatively low memory consumption. If you’re using uTorrent, JohnTP’s How to Increase Download Speeds of uTorrent article might be of help.

My next project will be to fix the effing desktop PC (named, uh, Corsarius), whose motherboard/CPU needs serious some lovin’ (or whackin’). Once it’s up and running again, I plan to buy a router and share the net juice between the PC and my Corsarify laptop.

Update: Just had my first (business) chat with BayanTel customer service. As widely reported, they’re courteous and helpful. I have the right plan (768 kbps) after all, and my present speed (240-400) is quite the average for that plan. I was advised to call back if my net connection goes below 200 kbps, which (according to them) shouldn’t happen in a 768 plan.

Update (10/24/06): My speed has greatly improved. There seems to have been an ‘anomaly’ with the DSL dialer username — read this comment for more info.

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23 Responses to “Now Powered by BayanTel DSL”

  1. ia Says:

    Hmm, maybe I should document my subscriber- and prepaid- internet adventures. I remember having to pay much much more when I started to get addicted to the net. Mga 20 hours a month ata ang limit. Then one peso per minute in excess. Hah.

  2. Corsarius Says:

    I’m terribly lucky to have narrowly avoided those times. For those who don’t know, I’m a “late bloomer”, when it ccmes to the Net, PC games, and computers in general. Got my first PC (and surfed the Net for the first time) during 1st year HS….almost nine years ago, hehe.

  3. ia Says:

    Hayskul? Kami Grade 6, even if there was an old monitor and keyboard lying around. Owel, DOS was useless anyway (’cept for those BAT files). I used Comic Sans MS for a Computer project. Que Horror.

  4. Corsarius Says:

    I think I was fond of Comic Sans in my early HS years, y’know, for school papers and stuff. Que barbaridad!

  5. jangelo Says:

    I first got online in 1995. Sky Internet din noon. There was a student plan that was cheaper–P500 per month (mura na yun noon). But then Sky screwed up some paperworked and charged me P2000 per month, for a total of PhP 100,000 for the whole duration of the subscription.

    We complained and complained and didn’t pay the bill ever.

    Well, I guess they just wrote off that bill, since I’ve been a SkyDSL (Bayantel Internet) subscriber for quite some time now. I’m also a loyal Bayantel subscriber.

  6. Corsarius Says:

    J,, 100K?? Wooow. That’s the sort of bill that makes weak-hearted parents faint!

    Got BayanTel per the suggestions/persuasions of two people — you and Ia, hehe.

  7. jangelo Says:

    Dude, what speed tests are you using? I’m on plan 384 and I get speeds of at least 300 kbps all day (at night, it’s supposed to be 768, but lately I still get 380+).

    You should be getting 700kbps + speeds!

    Why don’t you complain?

  8. jangelo Says:

    Ah, great. I just activated SOD. You just have to append @sod to your PPPoE username. Here’s my speedtest result:

  9. jangelo Says:

    Hmm. The image didn’t publish. Oh well, here it is again.

    Here’s what it says (if it doesn’t appear)

    Download: 651 kbps
    Upload: 698 kbps
    Latency: 346 ms

  10. Corsarius Says:

    Hm…that’s cause for concern. Right now (SOD), using

    “Download: 504kbps, Upload: 592kbps”


    “Your download speed is: 548.7 kbps”

    Using’s Express test:

    “Download :: 505 Kbps or 0.51 Mbps (62 kB/s)
    Upload :: 441 Kbps or 0.4 Mbps (54 kB/s)”

    What do you think? They’re telling me this is the average speed. Around 7AM yesterday, I was reaching 600+ kbps, but nowhere near 1mbps.

  11. Rom Says:

    The response that you got from Bayantel is their standard response. Tell them that you are paying for a maximum burst speed of 768kbps and you should get it when you need it. 200kbps is far from acceptable.

    I am on SkyDSL/Bayantel as well - 1.5Mbps-2Mbps. They said they upgraded but I am using MRTG to monitor the bandwidth. I am getting 1.5Mbps and not 2.0Mbps! Lagot sila. :D

    I am wondering if Globe DSL’s 5Mbps broadband is really true. Want to test it. :)

    BTW, been online since 1988! :)

  12. Corsarius Says:

    Wow, 1988! Sir Rom, that’s a full decade before I got mine, hehe. Btw, am now having speeds of 400+, still not 700, but definitely better. Turns out there was an anomaly with the DSL dialer username I had been using for the past weeks.

    The technician gave me a common English word as username and password, and told me not to change them as they have been assigned to me. The customer support rep I talked to (3rd or 4th, I think) was befuddled with these, saying that another username and password had been assigned to me by the system.

    Lo and behold, when I did use my ‘true’ username/password, the speed doubled. I’ve advised Bayantel to check up on the technician who installed our DSL, as he might have had an ulterior motive in giving me a common word as username/password, which turns out to have been shared among 3 DSL subscribers! Hmm..

  13. kid Says:

    I’m also on the 768kbps plan (but w/out SOD). I’m averaging 700++ kbps downstream. 600++kbps upstream. You should be getting 700++kbps results even if it’s just on the site.

  14. Corsarius Says:

    Hmm…Kid, that made me think again. Thanks for the heads-up.

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    [...] Anybody having a similar experience? I’m using BayanTel DSL’s 768 kbps plan, and more often than not I’m cruising at higher speeds thanks to their free speed-on-demand feature from 10pm to 10am. [...]

  16. DAVID Says:

    the bandwidth you see on is kiloBITs so if you got your bandwidth you have to divide it by a dial up i only get 6kbps when im downloading but when i tested it its 46 so i divided it by 8 it became 5.75

  17. Arpee Says:

    If only I can switch ISP’s, I would, bad thing is sila lang provider d2 sa town ko (Banga, Aklan). Ive been paying 2,650/Month for 768kbps for 11 months now (price is a little higher here kc reselled), pero sobrang bihira ko ma-reach ung 768 i usually go between 64 - 300, I know they have been bullshitting me, pero wala akong choice kc I need connectivity for work.

    If I had a choice, I’d screw Bayantel and look for other ISPs. Pero baka karma lng.. back in 1999 I use to steal skyinternet account from cafes’.. hehe

  18. Corsarius Says:

    Yes, thanks David. I’m aware of that :)

    Arpee, I’m glad to meet a fellow Aklanon on the blogosphere! Banga’s one of my favorite towns — it has that quaint charm, unlike Kalibo which is getting more and more polluted.

    I hope your Net connectivity improves soon. Oh, and back in 1999, someone stole my dial-up account and gave it to thousands of forumers. Don’t worry, that was Pacific Net ;)

  19. Arpee Says:

    Phillip, chances are we might even be cousins LoL :) by the way my surname is Ong and I do have some far relatives whose surname is Quimpo, thats “Qu”.. :)

    I did stole some accounts too awhile back.. but at that time the originating number is reflected on the Log usage so I was reluctant to even use them.. But i never release hacked accounts.. :)

    Sana nga mag-improve na internet d2..

  20. Kid Says:

    How much does that service cost? I have a 4mbps dl and a 2 mbps upload and I pay around 19$ ………..

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  22. dhenamark Says:

    i am just a newly costumer of DSL skyinternet of bayantel with the speed of 768kbps but unfortunately i cant feel the power of DSL but instead i am very frustrated with this service. i get disconnected every 20min. what da……

  23. altopm guerrero Says:

    my bayantel dsl is quite ok, 256 kbps for 899 per month. but in my billing, there’s some hokus pokus and it turned out im paying 1,099 a month

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