Alibata Online Translator

For those who haven’t visited it already, Eagle’s Corner has a helpful CGI-script translator that translates Tagalog words into alibata/baybayin. The translator works for foreign words, too, but the rendered translations might be incorrect (see the translation tips).

Honestly, I’m quite disappointed with myself for having not found this great site earlier. I can’t even remember how I ended up there! Next step, learn master alibata/baybayin so I can do the translations myself.

Update 05/15/06: Another tool is Victor Ganata’s Alibata Transliterator, which is a free software under the GNU General Public License.

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9 Responses to “Alibata Online Translator”

  1. ia Says:

    I know who’d like that. Astig.

    I think it uses the ‘Tagalog Stylized’ (find it here) for the generated images. The question is, which ’style’ is the best to use, anyway? :D

  2. Corsarius Says:

    thanks for the link, ia. i’m also at a loss as to which style to use. :P

    this site needs to be promulgated to as many pinoys as possible. it can actually encourage the learning of alibata/baybayin, even though some people use it to generate alibata tatoos! (see webmaster’s disclaimer, hehe).

  3. Moleskine Update » Crimson Crux Says:

    [...] Speaking of alibata, you can read my related post on online alibata translators. Right now I’m using a photocopied cheat sheet, which came free with my alibata necklace (made from carabao bone and refined by the hands of my fellow Akeanons) from Boracay. [...]

  4. louie albert encabo palma Says:

    mabuhay ang pilipinas!

  5. jenkie Says:

    how can i get the translation of alibata

  6. Joker Says:

    how can i get the alibata translator in name?
    gusto kong magpatatoo ng pangalan ko : Paul

  7. amalia Says:

    i juat want to know how to write my uncles name in alibata. which is Francisco

  8. gon Says:

    gawa ka alibata layout dudz

  9. jobeng Says:

    boss paano ang translation ng name ko? JOBENG- gusto ko sana mgpatattoo. salamat

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