CS — The Best Department for AY 05-06!

The DCS Firefoxes

Congratulations to the faculty and student body of UP Diliman’s Department of Computer Science for being the College of Engineering’s Best Department for AY 2005-06!

Modesty aside, we believed right from the start of the year that our batch can do it. One year of balancing acads with extracurricular stuff paid off, bigtime.

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4 Responses to “CS — The Best Department for AY 05-06!”

  1. ia Says:

    Of course. ‘Twas meant from the start.

    One of the better ways to end the year.

  2. Corsarius Says:

    Go DCS Firefoxes! Now, if only they had pushed through w/ the College of Engineering League of Excellence…a ‘House Cup’ would’ve been a blast, hehe.

  3. Alfie Says:

    EEE pa rin, hehehehe…

  4. Corsarius Says:

    Well, Alfie, I do have to admit that the DEEE is one of the best departments in UP Diliman, hehe. With the DCS moving into its new building near EEE, the pair looks more like sister departments than ever before.

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